Habits Education Base, the member of Nextgen Well Fundamental Habits Training Institute Limited, is an organization that provides psycho-education mainly to kindergarten and primary school students. By participating in games and other group activities, we help children in developing good behaviors and establishing good habits, so to enhance both their physical and psychological wellbeing. While they are practising good behaviours, children are at the same time acquiring essential qualities that can facilitate their moral development and polish up their social skills, and equip them to be excellent global citizens.



IMG_7974Why Do We Need Good Habits?

Without excellent software, no computer can be operated. Without high quality fuel, even a Ferrari cannot perform at its full capacity. These examples are pointing to one same idea: we need to have compatible “hardware” and “software” in order to succeed.

The same applies to children development.

While the “hardware” may include having a safe living environment, attending schools that provide good education and resources; the “software” refers to children’s own potentials, social skills and resiliency …etc. With the years of working in the psycho-educational field, we affirm that children with excellent “software” know how to make good use of the “hardware” they own, and achieve success in their lives. And it is by establishing and practising good habits in their early childhood can they attain what they want.

The Functions of Good Habits

1. Learn to attend others
- Not only do “Attentive” and “Expressive” be the habits that children should practise, being able to listen and attend to others’ is actually an outcome one accomplishes by consistently practising other good habits. Children who are self-disciplined, curious to the surroundings, respect and able to include others, will surely understand the importance of listening and learning from others. Hence, children with these habits are attentive students and with such skills, they are often better at school and achieve better results when compare to others.

2. Successful Career and Resourceful Network
- Children with excellent academic results are more likely to attend prestige institutions and/or find a better job that can lead them to an advantageous career path. For a grown-up who is humble, authentic, loving, trust worthy to others and knows how to cherish every opportunity he or she gets, such individual will definitely have good and resourceful social network. Such network may in return serve as a buffer and render support to one’s career.

IMG_55913. Peaceful Family with Desirable Living Environment
As they have learnt to be proactive, responsible and persistent and focused, they will always push themselves to improve, and have the courage to take up challenges. Success in life allows them to support both themselves and their loved ones’ living. These individuals will also have the strength and capability to contribute, as they have become the better-off in the society whom also have loving hearts.

4. Create a Better World
An individual, who is capable, committed, and thankful, can become an influential figure to his or her community. By sharing, contributing and serving others, these people pass on their good impacts, enhance the community and their next generation to grow and flourish.