Course Discount Offer

2013-2014 Latest Course Discount Offer


1. Like our Facebook Page to get a 10% OFF on courses you apply!
(Limited time offer)

2. Bring along your friends Offer
Enjoy a 15% OFF when you and your friend enroll in the same course!

3. Early Bird Offer
Enjoy a 25% OFF when you enroll in the 2013 Summer Course 2 months prior to the course’s starting date
(e.g.: course starts on 13 July, 2013, enroll anytime on/before 13 May, 2013 can get you a 25% off)

4. Bring your 2013-2014 School Calendar and get a $500 coupon
(For Kindergarten and Primary School only;  coupon will be registered under child’s name, each child can register for once)


*All of the above offers can only be used individually; for other terms and conditions, please contact our staff for details. Should any disputes arise, the decision of Habits Education Base shall be final.*