If the following information cannot address your enquiry, please feel free to contact us or visit us during office hour.

Q: What kind of child should attend the training?
A: All mentally healthy children are welcome to join. Our training facilitates children in modifying and assuring what appropriate behavior is, and through consistently practising can children develop related good habits.

Q: Can parents join the class with their children?
A: We create a parent-free training environment for all of our trainings so to increase children’s degree of engagement (except for Parent-Child Workshop, for details please contact us). Yet, we provide parents with overviews of each training session, a written report for each child, and schedule regular meet up with parents, so to ensure parents are on the same page with us.

Q: Does the training provided by Habits Education Base equal to playgroup?
A: We provide psycho-educational training to children using means of games and role play. While playgroups normally place their focus on training children’s musical, artistic or physical senses, our training nurture children’s psychological wellbeing by fostering good values and habits. All of our training therefore is designed based on the 18 Habits we want to foster, and our trainers debrief with children every single time they finish a game or role play.

Q: Is the training provided by Habits Education Base therapeutic in nature?
A: Our training does not equal to, and should not replace any therapy that is delivered by educational psychologist, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. Should your child is currently working with professionals stated as above, please contact us and discuss whether your child can be facilitated by our trainings.

Q: How do I sign up for the training?
A: You may contact us or visit us during office hour. Payment should be settled within 3 working days after completing our application form.