Once we realize how to take control of the source of “Joy”, we can gain tremendous strength out of it. In fact, such strength has always been buried within us, and all we have to do is to live with such strength, and influence our surroundings with it.

Power of the “Epiphany of Joy”
The workshop stresses on various concepts: “Freedom and at ease”, “Acceptance”, “Tolerance”, “Peacefulness”, “Listen”, and “Empathy”…etc. These are all concepts about creating “Intimacy”, and only by creating intimacy with ourselves and others, can we retrieve the ultimate joyfulness and unlimited strength in life.

Location of the Workshop
The Workshop will be held in places that are close to the nature. Nature is a powerful source of energy and liveliness, hence, choosing to have the workshop with nature surrounds, would echo our theme of “Freedom”, “Openness”, “Peacefulness” and “calmness”…etc. We believe participants can better experience themselves under such refreshing environment, and create a desirable space for LP from different regions to share, inspire and learn together.

- Completed the Leadership Program

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