A lot of graduates from the Explore training have expressed that it is difficult for them to clearly describe what the Explore Training is about. We believe the information provided below can further assist you, those who haven’t joined the training, to have a better understanding on how the training works and focuses on.


Anyhow, it is most important for you to first recall what are the questions that you often ask yourself, such as:

“I want to have breakthroughs in my career, how may I achieve it?”“Why don’t my loved ones and children stay close to me?”

“How can I better connect with my friends?”

“How can I improve my financial status?”

“What should I do with my partner?”

“I don’t expect a lot, all I want is to have a happy life, but…”

“Only if I can improve my confidence…”

“It seems to me that I do not have any goals…”

“How can I release myself from all those pressures?”

Again, what are the questions that you always ask yourself?
1. What is Explore Training? What to explore? What is the theme of the training?
When moving forward in your life, are you clear with your goal, direction or the reasons behind your every single decision? Have you ever reviewed whether the actions you have taken are effective enough to get you what you desire for? The Explore Training is an amazing tool that serves multi-purposes: it is a goal detector that allows you to spot your goals; it is a compass that shows you directions; and it is also a mirror that reflects you on what potentials you own and what actions you can take for yourself.
The Explore Training is about exploring life. It presents us with new angles we can take when viewing different aspects in life, that includes creating and winning what we want, viewing the results we have created, making choices, being truly responsible for our lives, and constructing the meaning of life…etc.

2. Please tell me more about the Explore Training. How does the training work and how does it differ from other training?
The Explore Training is distinct from other trainings due to its experiential nature. Most other training is being held in a lecture style where all the speaker does is giving out lectures and audience taking notes on it. Yet, the Explore Training emphasizes on creating experiences for our participants. Take a simple example, should one learn how to operate a computer, one must learn not only the theory, but be given a chance to actually operate the machine in order to put what one has learnt into practice. The same concept applies on learning how to drive, how can someone get a license without actually driving the vehicle? We may get knowledge by reading books but not experiences. In real life, what really counts is practice and experiences.

3. Who should go to the Explore Training? Is it suitable for me? Do I really need to change?
The training is for any adults, who are at least eighteen years old and are mentally healthy, to join. We especially encourage those who have goals, dreams, motivation and are looking for breakthroughs in their life to join us. Instead of questioning whether you are fit for the training, we suggest you to consider the following question: “What do I want to create for myself by participating in the training?” Only for those who truly want to create some valuable results for themselves, can fully participate and gain most out of it. From the Training’s perspective, we do not encourage for the pursuit of changes without reasons. We believe that changes are only appropriate and positive; if such changes are caused because one now has a clearer goal and mind, more strength and potentials and the urge to improve.

4. How long does the Training last for? Can I really get what is being said on the above?
The Explore Training has a total of 3 sessions, and the teaching session consists of 3 nights and 2 full days, in a total of 40 hours. Using games, activities and exercises, participants are able to gain valuable experiences. There are times in life where things happen in a blink and those things bring life-changing impacts, or cause some beliefs to be formed, that is because one has experienced some impressive, first-hand experiences. Hence, it is not about how long the teaching session is, but how valuable the experience one gains from it.

5. Tell me something concrete that I can gain from the Training:

Personal Growth:
- Courage and Self-confidence
- Explore self-potentials
- Self-reassurance
- Self-awareness
- Innovative way of thinking
- Identify blind spots in your perceptions to things
- Own a real and authentic self

- Efficiency and initiative
- Polish up leadership skills
- Polish up problem solving skills
- Stimulate creative thinking
- Explore more possibilities

Family and Friends:
- Polish listening skills
- Explore effective ways of communication
- Create intimate relationships

- Improvement on financial situation
- Spiritual Cultivation



6. Can the Training provide me with answers to my personal issues, or serve as psychological treatment and therapy?
The training, by all means, should not replace any kind of psychological treatment or therapy one is currently going through. Neither the training nor the trainers would provide one with answers or solutions to one’s personal issues. In fact, we provide wide and different angles for participants to view their issues in depth. Based on experience, we know that solutions appear themselves once we are able to view the issues with different angles and attitudes.

The Explore Training consists of three sections: teaching section, interview section and the graduation. For details please refer to our Training Schedule.

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