Can someone live happily without one’s family? It may be a “Yes” for a while, but for long can such happiness last?

What does a “family” truly mean?

“Does it simply mean when two becomes one? “

“Does it mean living with your parents under the same roof?”

“Does it mean having adorable children?”

Have the above questions ever come across in your mind? Do you wish to learn more about it?

Family exists across time and border, and no one can deny the importance a family has in one’s life.

What do you envision for your family?

What is your dream family like?

What relationships do you desire to have with your spouse, parents, and children?

You may dream for an intimate relationship with your spouse…

You may wish for some harmonious time with your parents and siblings …

You may want to create a supportive and loving parent-child relationship with your children…

Your family is a safe harbour for you and your parents to rest and rely on, it is also the lifelong business for you and your spouse to work on, and it is a crucial component that plays a role on your children’s growth and health.

Do you want to create “the Family” that you have longed for, and by doing so, provide yourself with strength to create the big picture that you desire to have for your life?

For whatever reasons you may have, we hereby invite you to join us in the Family Workshop.


- One family is known as one unit

- Each unit must have one family member who is currently in or has completed the Leadership Program (LP)

- Each unit should at least have 2 and no more than 5 participants

- Children are welcome, should they fulfill the following requirement:

- at the age of 5 or older;

- able to write some simple words

- able to calm his or herself and settle down

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