04/10/2013 : “LP 10 Service”

Collaborate with the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation Hong Kong.

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15/09/2013 : “Nextgen Well Mid-Autumn Service” (Part Two)

256 NextgenWell LP and volunteers, together with the teenager volunteers from Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, and the volunteers from St. James’ Settlement, we visited households on Hong Kong Island and in New Territory to send them blessings with our hand-made moon-cakes and other gifts.

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18/08/2013 : “ Nextgen Well Mid-Autumn Service” (Part One)

Starting from scratch, we made 4000 moon-cakes in a day, where the moon-cakes would be served to 700 households as to celebrate for the Mid-Autumn festival.

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03/18/2013 : “ LP 9 Service”
Service Group:  Wai Ji Christian Service ; Tin King Bradbury Centre cum Hostel

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20/07/2013 : ” LP 8 Service”

Collaborate with the Hong Kong Phab Association – Unity Place.

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21/04/2013 LP 6 Service
Service Group: Hong Chi Association

Since March 2013, our LP6 team has been raising fund for Hong Chi Association by selling our hand-made cookies.  Using the fund, we have created a fun day on 21st April, 2013 for the children from the Association. By making cookies and playing games together, we expressed our love, concern towards one another, and delivered the message on social acceptance and equality.  Remaining fund was being donated to Hong Chi Association as well.


03/02/2013 「Nextgen Well GO GO GOAL」 Annual Service
In three days, about 100 of us (LP and volunteers) handmade 378 turnip cakes and gift bags, and delivered them to more than 200 families living in Fanling, Tin Shui Wai, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. This experience was a valuable one which let us realize there was much more we could contribute and there were many more people in Hong Kong that deserved supports and love. Nextgen Well and our LP declare to create a better surrounding for us and our generations.


22/02/2013 LP 4 Service
Service Group: Pok Oi Hospital Yeung Chun Pui Care & Attention Home


LP 3 Service
Service Group: Tuen Mun East Integrated Service for Young People


LP 2 Service


LP 1 Service
Service Group:  Po Lam Jockey Club Housing for the Elderly  of the Helping Hand


「Legacy 1 & 2 Service」
In June, our Legacy 1 and 2 members went to serve in a primary school built by Mr. Edward Lau and Ms. Wendy Wu.

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