LP 3 LP5合照

Leadership Program, known as LP, is a training process that lasts for more than 100 days. It is about developing and practicing a new way of thinking and acting in lives. It is the training for life.

When the Explore Training is about allowing us to review, observe and aware our perceptions towards life; and the Breakthrough Training enhances us to break away from those that have been constraining us, so to move forward and explore all the potentials we possess; the LP is about practicing every bit we have learnt from Breakthrough Training in life, so to create the outcomes that we have long desired for.

In the journey of LP, you will have to set goals for every important aspect in your life; and by achieving these goals, you will be able to create a beautiful picture for your life. These aspects include family, career, relationships, health, finance, academic, spiritual cultivation…etc. LP is an exciting and challenging journey, where you will be constantly creating excellent results by practicing effective means of thinking, and breaking through from previous constraints. Eventually, you can gain the strength to self-motivate and strive for betterment in your life.

The LP is also training for team spirit, leadership skills and personal charisma. Working as a team and contributing to your teammates are, at all time, the key components of LP. Only by challenging ourselves and supporting our mates wholeheartedly, can we grow and gain. By being a leader, you will be trained on how to communicate and act efficiently; you will be asked to bring positive impact to those who are around you. And by constantly creating win-win results with your surroundings, you will be asked to take up the challenge in motivating them to grow and contribute together with you to their family, the society, country and eventually the world.

- Completion of the Explore and Breakthrough Training is the prerequisites for LP;
- Attend all three Weekend activities which will be held at the beginning, middle and the end of the 3 months LP training
(For details, please refer to the updated LP Training Schedule);
- Attend weekly group meetings and other group gatherings.

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