while he thought some elements of the 2013 law went too far, he recognized it as the law of the state and would not seek its repeal but would instead focus his efforts on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and those who suffer from mental illness. If Beretta’s decision poses an issue in the governor’s race, it is this: Both Mr. Hogan and Mr. Brown say they want to improve Maryland’s business climate. Does that mean Maryland should more aggressively play the tax incentive game like Tennessee? Perhaps Beretta’s sole motivation for leaving Maryland was its desire to operate in a state that presented a better cultural match the Nashville Business Journal quoted a Tennessee economic development official as saying the state piqued Beretta’s interest by boasting that a gun manufacturer would fit right in with a place where "we make great cars, we make great whiskey and we make great guitars." If that’s really all there was to it, then there aren’t many lessons to draw from a decision that
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